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The Ultimate Guide to All the Kansas City Distilleries [Updated 2021]

Although I've lived in Kansas City for nearly 18 years, I didn't know that much about its history. While Kansas has always had stricter liquor laws than Missouri, they were polar opposites during prohibition. Kansas enacted prohibition voluntarily in 1881, nearly...

A Visit to Vikre Distillery on the Shores of Lake Superior

Over the past six months, I have greatly improved my home bartending skills. While this is due mostly to the fact that I've been home to practice, I have also done a good deal of reading. My cocktail book collection has quadrupled with newly released books including...

The 8 Chicago Distilleries: Where to Find the Best Cocktails and Spirits

If you visit cocktail bars in the United States, you have likely had a spirit from Chicago. However, because Chicago is known as the food and drink capital of the world, the spirits produced there may be less top of mind. People know about deep dish pizza and...

How to Conduct a Quality Whiskey Tasting Just Like at a Distillery

The base of any good cocktail is a quality spirit. Many classic whiskey cocktails rely primarily on the flavor of the spirit, so it's important to find one you like. Tasting whiskeys at a distillery or in a barrel room gives you a chance to try before buying a bottle....

Fall in the UK with Scotch in Edinburgh

After enjoying a train ride up from London in October 2018, and settling into our garden cottage, we headed out to enjoy a day of Fall in the UK with scotch in Edinburgh. From the crisp air, to the regal castles, it was a beauty, highlighted with a Scotch whisky...

Making Gin in the World’s Oldest Gin Distillery

Arriving in Plymouth, England I woke up early to catch a train from London down to Plymouth, England where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for the New World from in 1620. I walked to this lighthouse from the train station. As you can see, it was foggy and drizzly. I...

Cocktails at Home

If you want to make yourself or your guests a drink at home, this is a great set of resources for you. More here.

4 Cachaça Cocktails to Make to Welcome Back Spring

4 Cachaça Cocktails to Make to Welcome Back Spring

It's the first week of Spring! After the past year, I think that calls for a toast with a refreshing cocktail. I love citrus cocktails and exploring new spirits at home and when traveling. In this post we'll talk about what cachaça is and explore some cachaça...

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