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When you think of Germany, beer and pretzels may come to mind. While there are many amazing beer bars and breweries to choose from, the cocktail bar scene is also world-class. My first trip to Berlin, Germany was in January of 2020. I was supposed to go back again for a second work trip in March 2020, but that didn’t happen. On my first trip, I visited a few cocktail bars and started writing a bar guide. On my most recent trip to Berlin in July 2022, I was able to visit more cocktail bars. Here is my guide for the best bars in Berlin. I hope it doesn’t take you that long to get there and try them all out. Cheers!

1. Truffle Pig

  • Address: Reuterstraße 47
  • Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 8pm-close | Closed Sunday-Tuesday

Truffle Pig is a cocktail bar hidden in the back room of Kauz & Kiebitz. Just follow the pig tracks through the pub and ring the bell. The wall opens to reveal a charming, industrial chic space. The spirits collection is highly curated and offers some rare and unique bottles. The cocktails are incredible and the service was excellent.

I enjoyed the “Witches Be Like” cocktail (left). It is made with gin, strega, citrus, raspberry, woodruff, and foam. The cocktail on the right–SAMBA–is incredible. It’s a magical mix of silver tequila, mezcal, green chili, clarified passionfruit, lime, and ginger.

2. Velvet

  • Address: Ganghoferstraße 1
  • Hours: Wednesday-Monday, 7pm-close | Closed Tuesdays

Velvet is aptly named with its inviting atmosphere that makes you feel at home. It’s located in the buzzing Neukölln district down a quiet, one-way street. Operated by a close-knit team, they collaborate on a fresh menu every week, centered around foraged plants from in and around Berlin. Every Tuesday the bar closes to allow the team time to work in the laboratory in the back of the bar. They distill, infuse and ferment that week’s herbal bounty. You can enjoy drinks inside this beautiful bar or outside on the sidewalk. It’s the perfect place to linger or pop in for a quick drink. They just won Bar of the Year in Germany for 2023! I enjoyed the Erdbeere. It was made with amontillado sherry, geklärter erdbeersaft, mediterraner quinquina, blanco tequila, rosa pfeffer (pink peppercorns).

3. Mr. Susan

best bars in berlin mr susan
  • Address: Krausnickstraße 1
  • Hours: Friday-Saturday, 6pm-2am | Wednesday-Thursday, 6pm-1am | Closed Sunday-Tuesday

Mr. Susan is an incredible bar owned by Berlin’s most prolific street food vendors. With a creative menu and a swanky but comfortable atmosphere, a trip to this cocktail bar will not leave you disappointed. The interior is like a jewelry box with every surface receiving special touches. From the pink quartz bar to the gold-foil ceiling and the mint-green tiled backsplash, the place shines.

The Pine Killer is a delicious blend of mezcal, ginger shrub, and salty pineapple. My friend had the PB&J, which I liked so much, I insisted on getting the recipe. The cocktail is made with peanut butter vodka, sake, strawberry, and salt. It was the first time I had tried a fat-washed spirit, so it was super memorable. The flavor was exactly like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

4. Bar Tausend

best bars in berlin tausend
  • Address: Schiffbauerdamm 11
  • Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 9pm-close | Closed Sunday-Tuesday

The experience at Tausend begins with trying to locate the bar. It is directly under the Friedrichstrasse train station but the entrance is unmarked. If you find a nondescript, metal door, you’ve found it. Although the menu has changed since I visited, it’s bound to be good. I enjoyed their world map of cocktails menu. I had a cocktail called Lagos Island. It featured peanut-infused Abeulo 12 rum, spices, plantain, and lime juice. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner served directly behind the bar. We walked under the bar counter to get there.

5. The Curtain Club at the Ritz Carlton, Berlin

curtain club best bars in berlin
  • Address: Potsdamer Platz 3
  • Hours: Every day, 6pm-1am

Set behind drapes just off the lobby of The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, The Curtain Club brings a touch of Latin American energy to Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Driven by the aromas and flavors of South America, the bar offers storytelling cocktails along with live soul, jazz, and Latin American music. And even a Cigar Night, if that’s your thing. The colonial furnishings and centerpiece bar tie the experience together. The bar is open to the public and hotel guests.

The Vetiver Garden features mezcal, lemon juice, bergamot-tangerine lemonade, and vetiver syrup. It was bright and refreshing. I also enjoyed the Blue Agave & Cacao. It was made with Don Julio añejo, raspberry & blackberry, orange flower water, lemon juice, white chocolate, and vetiver. Both of the drinks were very delightful to sip on.

Other great bars in Berlin to check out

6. Kauz & Kiebitz

best bars in berlin kauz & kiebitz smoke and mirrors cocktail
Smoke & Mirrors

Kauz & Kiebitz is a local pub that is excellent for dinner before heading in the back to Truffle Pig for more drinks. I enjoyed a cocktail called Smoke & Mirrors with my veggie burger. They have a great patio area for dining and people watching.

7. Green Door Bar

Green Door Bar is the only Berlin cocktail bar on this list that I haven’t been to personally. It will be a must-visit on my next trip. I mostly want to see if their description of their decor is true, “The interior is somewhere between a private salon and a David Lynch film.” On the website, you’ll find featured drinks for the week. This one sounds divine: Certainly Marigold, made with Golden wormwood, distilled plum seeds and marigolds, single malt Scotch whisky, clementines verjus, and fig leaf liqueur. Yes please!

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