Continuing from yesterday, here are some more of Michelle’s and my likes and yikes of our Jamaican adventure:

7. The people watching at the Holiday Inn SunSpree was pretty amazing. From the bathing suit choices to unfortunate sunscreen application (or lack thereof) we saw it all, including this guy who thought he could rock cornrows. The view from the front was better, but then you wouldn’t be able to appreciate this as much.
8. Surviving the 600 foot climb up Dunns River Falls in just sneakers and a bathing suit. The tour we took also included shopping (which we could’ve skipped since we weren’t in the market for any fine jewelry) and learning about Jamaica. This was all very interesting, except for the part where the tour guide forced everyone on the bus to individually introduce themselves in patois and repeated the last thing they had to say. Like this, patron: “My favorite thing about Jamaica is the beaches” – tour guide “The Jamaican beaches love you too, ya mon!” Oy! Needless to say, Michelle and I physically ducked out of sight so we didn’t have to participate.
9. Taking part in a little bit of mischief – we’d just like to say congrats again to the members of the White & Barton wedding, may you have many years of wedded bliss!
10. The weather and the beach were great – 85 degrees and only rained at night.They even had a beach and pool for adults only.
11. One thing we didn’t like was the Jamaican money hassle – it wasn’t necessary to bring any Jamaican money but we had both bothered to get some. Not only did everyone take U.S. dollars, but they gave you a better exchange rate if you paid with them. Oh well, now you know. Also, I managed to get a counterfeit bill somewhere – either from my bank or the market- instead of the watermark head of the guy on their 100 dollar bill it had a pineapple, hmm.

12. Finally, saved the best for last, the nightly entertainment on the pool stage proved to be an all around good time – whether Michelle was taking part in balloon popping games or we were watching the Hah-R-Mony dance troop put on their “Michael Jackson Show” (see below). It was all quite unique. Thanks for checking in!

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