It’s been a fun five days, enjoying Jamaica with my new friend, Michelle, for blog winner weekend #2. We put together a list to share with you of the things we loved and didn’t. In no particular order:

1. While we didn’t love the pushiness of the market vendors hounding us to visit their stalls, we did love this fresh, sun-warm pineapple that we finished off in about 10 minutes. Yum!
2. We didn’t meet too many other tourists personally, but I did seem to find a different crab next to my beach chair everyday to watch. They’re so cute, moving their sand all around and looking crabby.
3. Nap time, whenever we wanted, twice a day if needed!
4. Despite the fact whenever the DJ called out to see “where are my Canadians at” and only two people shouted back, we still celebrated Canada Day (July 1) in style!
5. The potential suitor pool for Michelle was big. After the proposal at Margaritaville on night two, Michelle met Earl in a game onstage where they were the newest (and volunteered-individually-by-the-crowd) “couple” and had to pop balloons without their hands during night four, and WON! (Pictured here with their sweet prize.) Earlier in the evening she had met a couple more guys – all eager to make her the next Jamerican.
6. The key card device to our room proved to be both entertaining and frustrating. Michelle conceded that I had the magic touch by the end of the trip when I got the number of unsuccessful tries from about 30 down to zero.
Since I couldn’t really post for five days and we had a ton of fun, I am going to sign off for now and bring you the rest of our list tomorrow. Thanks for checking in!

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