Today is World Food Day, a worldwide event to discuss the world’s food insecurity issues. There have been similar events in the past about global environmental issues, poverty and water. Mainly conducted through social media, the theme hopes to raise issues and start a global conversation about people’s perspectives on the topic. I probably would have more to say about the issues highlighted in the past but I had to think more about food.

I obviously eat, enjoy and blog about food, however, I have not been one to ever go without it. My pantry is stocked full of food and sometimes things expire or go bad and they are disposed of without even being opened. I definitely try to minimize these events but they do happen and they make me feel guilty. I should probably reflect more often about the fact that I don’t worry where my next meal is coming from and that I have choices about when and where I eat. I am pausing now to do just that, maybe you can join me.

After that, I hope to think about ways to help and do my part about raising a little awareness. Here are a few facts for you to ponder from The World Food Programme:

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