I had written a post a few weeks ago about where to shop local in Kansas City for great gifts for those on your list. I forgot to include with that post some of my wish list for Christmas – I know that it’s kind of a kid thing to do, but I was trained right as a child. We would get the giant Sears catalog in the mail and cut out pictures of the things we wanted and glue them to a sheet of paper. I think that, along with packing and re-packing my school supplies leading up to the first day of school each year, was my favorite childhood activity.

(I should mention that my list is much-pared down this year, as Brian recently surprised me with an item off of my Travel Toys post – an iPad – for an almost-made-it-through-the-first-semester gift.) If I could have anything, I would want my whole entire family to be all together in the same place – parents, siblings, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, etc. But I think that will have to wait, as for things you can actually buy, here is my list:

This silk sleep sack would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Haiti, where Brian’s down sleeping bag will undoubtedly be a little too warm.
I want to read this book (Hints to Lady Travellers) that “combines archive material from a book of the same name first published in 1889 with anecdotes from well-known modern female travelers to offer a fascinating insight into the way that travel has changed for women over the last century.” So interesting and perfect for my coffee table!
This wireless SD card is good on so many levels. First off, it’s orange, which is always a plus. Second, it eliminates my laziness of hating to actually upload photos to edit. And finally, it would allow me to leave my laptop behind and upload things directly to my iPad, I think.
Rounding out my list is this pair of Sanuk slip-ons. They are comfy (I think I’ve tried them on five or six times but never pulled the trigger on buying them – trying to decide between these and some TOMS as my go to comfy travel shoes. I think I’ve decided on these.)

And, there you have it, my list. What are you hoping for this year? Thanks for checking in!

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