Yesterday we spent the day packing, reading and hanging out. We were picked up at 3pm to head downtown for a celebration with the staff from the Liberia Fistula Project. We went to a restaurant on the beach. Once we determined what they had and didn’t have on the menu we ordered our food and drinks. I had a Club Beer, kinda like Bud Light or something. They didn’t have any fish in stock so I had a salad (coleslaw-ish) and fries. The staff gave us a presentation of gifts – dresses – which involved them talking about us a little bit, unwrapping our gifts for us and putting the gift on for us. It was a fun tradition to be part of. And my dress was orange!

This morning everyone headed downtown to do some shopping but I stayed behind to get some things done. It’s hard to believe that we start back home tomorrow night. We will go to church tomorrow morning and then to brunch at the Royal Hotel. We will then have some time to kill before our 9pm flight. I am looking forward to sharing pictures on here when I get back. Thanks to all of you who have been following along with the adventure!

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