After the conference sessions, we headed to this boat to go see the Black Sea. As soon as we boarded we had lunch and then learned that the weather was not going to allow us to go out of the strait to see it.
While that was disappointing, we did still see some amazing things from the water that were hard to see from land, like this fort…
…and these beautiful summer homes…
…and Maiden’s Tower, a lighthouse with much folklore surrounding it. (Sorry for the graininess, it had started to rain a little at this point.)
We headed back to the hotel to get packed and ready to head home the next day. We met up with Beyza, my hostess for the conference who translated for me and helped me get ready for my panel. Cheers and thank you, Beyza!

One funny story to share: my hostess had tried to teach me how to say thank you in Turkish. This morning my room was being cleaned while I was in it doing some work at the desk. When the maid was leaving, I said ‘thank you’ in Turkish. She smiled at me and said, “Sorry, madam, I do not speak English.” HA – so much for trying that phrase out!

In all, it was a very rich trip full of interesting places, people and conversations. I learned so much about a country that had previously been unfamiliar to me. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you online soon!

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