I’ve started working from home on Mondays. This has been fantastic because I save about two hours of driving time – which allows me to get more done personally and professionally – and have an unorthodox start to my week. The Sunday dread doesn’t exist when I know that I will wake up and go about my day how I want to. Showers are optional, lots of food options are at hand and I can have a quiet or loud day depending on whether I want to crank the stereo up or not.

The only downside is that I can sometimes work without noticing how fast the time is going. Normally the rhythm of people at work allows me to mark time during the day – when they come in, eat lunch, start leaving, etc. Today I forgot to eat lunch and was wondering why I felt like I was going to pass out at 4pm. I drank an Ensure and kept on going.

I have been starting my new work-at-home-Mondays by watching a couple of inspiring TED talks. Today’s were on reinventing education through the work being done at the Khan Academy and the creative utility of poetry. I love how TED is putting their talks out there for free, such great contribution to the public. And such a great way to start off my week. I also stumbled across this video on one of the marketing blogs I’ve started reading – check out the video on today’s post.

During the day I got an email from Start Some Good about my proposal to raise funds for the summer camp I am working on for July 2012 for Lott Carey Mission School in Liberia. I needed to make some additions and as soon as I did my proposal was approved. Now I need to figure out the ins and outs of creating a campaign in order to launch it but the idea is that the general public will decide whether or not to fund the project in a crowdfunding format.

Once the idea is posted people can read about the project and decide whether or not to contribute to it. If enough people decide that they will pledge and the campaign reaches the “tipping point” we will raise money. If they don’t, we won’t get any money but we still would have raised some awareness of the project. Since there is a lot of competition, the success will be on how well the campaign is marketed, so I wanted to mention it here so you’re all ready with your pledges when the campaign starts. 😉

I also got a call today from a friend about doing a talk on staying involved with service after you’re done serving as an AmeriCorps member. I am excited to have the opportunity to do that in May – I already have lots of ideas on what to share.

Finally, this week is National Volunteer Week and it will end with Global Youth Service Day, which all of the programs I work with across the country and Canada will be involved in. I am excited to be serving in Nashville on an urban gardening project. More on that to come! Thanks for checking in, have a great week!

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