As you might expect, after two months, I am mourning the loss of a job full of travel a bit. In order to keep myself balanced, I need to figure out how to get in adventures like everyone else does – on three-day weekends and during my vacation time. Not one to be daunted by a challenge, I have a few ideas to stretch out the time I do have to include some memorable experiences. In case you wondered what that looks like, here’s my calendar so far:

January – I will finally travel to my other “job” city of St. Louis. I’ve been twice before but I haven’t explored it much. I’ll be there at least once a month, so that will pepper my year with mini-adventures.
February – I only have three U.S. states left to visit, so we’re starting the year off with a trip to one of them – Wyoming. In hindsight, I should’ve checked the average lows before booking, but we’ll be nice and cold as we check out Jackson Hole for some skiing and dog-sledding adventures over Valentines/President’s Day weekend.
March – I’ve been to SxSWi twice before but this year it will be extra special because my best friend will be bringing down the house as a featured speaker. Although ‘South by’ gets a lot of flack for being overgrown, there is nothing better than listening to an interesting talk followed by a stroll around the streets of Austin with a free grilled cheese, your friends, a warm breeze and a beer.
June – If you’ve been reading along for awhile, you might remember the trip we took last summer (here and here) to scout out the location for Brian’s mom’s side of the family reunion. We’re looking forward to the whole family getting together and making new memories.
July -The summer of 2013, my dad cycled in the Senior Olympics in Cleveland (here and here). He qualified again this past summer, so he’ll be competing again in Minneapolis this year. This year my mom and Brian will join in the fun.
August – (tentative) Last summer, I had this magical plan to escape the KC heat in August with a working vacation in Vancouver, BC. I found the perfect ocean-front cabin with wifi but Brian wasn’t game. So, I’ve started talking about it earlier this year (with the promise of a laptop so he can actually work) and he seems interested. I also need to put out feelers at the new job about a week or two remote. We’ll see.
November – After a great time in Costa Rica this past November, Brian is up to coming along with me the next time. Against my normal tendency to go to new places, I would like to repeat everything about my last trip.

So, that’s what is in store for my 2015. Where are you headed?

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