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I’m an avid reader and like to set an annual goal for myself. This year, I am trying to read 50 books, last year I read 47. I am a huge fan of tracking all my books on Goodreads. This lets me file away recommendations from people as I hear them, and know what I’ve already read. The summer has been a bit hectic, but I still have a long vacation coming up in less than two weeks. Here’s what’s on my reading list past, present, and near future:

Notable Books I’ve Read Recently

If you’re traveling in the modern day, you have likely taken a rideshare. Lyft, Uber, mytaxi, they all work pretty much the same. With this “disruptive” rise in transportation, unintended consequences are also present. This book did a great job of researching the algorithms behind the experience for drivers, the companies they work for, and more. A must read if you are interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look into this topic.

Although it’s not new, this book had been on my list for awhile. As a long-time fan of Patagonia, I thought this was an excellent history and explanation of a company’s journey to stay true to its values as it grew. Hats off to Yvon for having a vision for how to be a responsible business long before it was the cool thing to do, and sticking with it.

Books I’m Currently Reading

As I’ve been doing more cocktail research, I was interested in reading this book that covers the origins of many spirits and libations. Going around the world from stem to tree, this has been a fascinating look at how things were discovered and made. The recipes are interesting as well.

I’m a bit of a nerd and LOVE personal finance books. I have really been enjoying this book so far as it offers more than the typical “don’t buy any more lattes” advice. Jill has been featured on several of my favorite finance podcasts, so I am really digging hearing her more in-depth thoughts in the book.

Books I’m Going to Read

My best friend sent me this book for my birthday. It’s a must-have in hardcover so you can pour over all the recipes. Every recipe in the book sits opposite a toast to an extraordinary woman in history. What’s not to love?

A few of the bloggers I met back in Scottsdale recommended this book. I am always trying to learn and get better at my hobby, so this book is a must read for me.

Working for a company based in Silicon Valley, I do love an inside peek at what goes on inside other companies. I find the business of business rather interesting and this book seems like an interesting real-life thriller.

Reading Stamped from the Beginning was a transformational book for me. When I heard that Ibram X. Kendi had a new book, it went right on my list. When I saw Rachel Cargle speak this past spring she said, “unless you’re antiracist, you’re part of the problem.” Reading this book will undoubtedly be another step towards educating myself on how I can do better.

What have you been reading lately? I am always looking for new things to add to my reading list. Cheers!

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