My traditional approach to travel is to do some research ahead of time to see what I would like and combine that with what I find as I go. Today I decided I would solicit some advice from Milwaukee locals instead to see what they think is the best. This is what they said:

Best Coffee Shop: Stone Creek Coffee ~ Recommended by Kevin, a salesman – they always have meetings so they would know, right?
A delicious lunch: Boston Latte (honey, espresso and steamed milk) – totally worth the drive, apple and a bag of cashews (not pictured)
Best Fried Cheese Curds: Culver’s ~ Recommended by Shannon, a four year resident of Milwaukee. I didn’t know Culver’s was a Wisconsin company, you learn something new everyday! I was skeptical about a fast food chain having the best of something but I got several local votes for this one. I ran out of time to try it but we have these in Kansas City, so hopefully they too have awesome cheese curds!
Best meat/cheese stores: Wisconsin Cheese Mart and Usingers ~ Recommended by Richard, a volunteer with Visit Milwaukee. I bought some cheddar cheese curds and some spicy beef sticks (for Brian).
Best Brewery: Lakefront Brewery ~ Recommended by Brian’s uncle, Mike. Milwaukee is home to Miller, Pabst and many micro breweries. If I had the time I would’ve gone to a tour or two, but alas, I only had time to drink one.
Best custard (maybe anywhere): Leon’s ~ Recommended by Brian’s aunt, Irene. The inspiration for the t.v. show “Happy Days”, this local legend is open year round and until midnight. They have three standard flavors and a flavor of the day, which was raspberry. It was the creamiest, most delicious custard I have ever had.
I give the raspberry a big thumb up!

So, there you have it – in my four hours of free time today, the best things I heard about. Thanks for checking in!

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