Bulgarian food, yummy! (Photo from the Mid-Continent Public Library website.)

So this past week, as I was checking out my library account online to see if any of my books on hold were in for me, (I know, I lead an exciting life) I saw a little ad for upcoming courses that they offer. I started looking through them to see what they had going on. I saw one called “Bulgarian Cookery”. I figured I would sign myself up for it for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like the word cookery. Even though I don’t cook, it’s still fun to say.
  2. I could stand to learn a thing or two about Bulgaria – maybe I should add that to my wishlist of trips.
  3. I want to know how they plan to cook in a library. I’ve been in that branch before and I never saw a kitchen. I am hoping for hot plates, extension cords and toaster ovens. (I’ll pack a squirt gun in case things get out of hand – JOKING, no need for a librarian pat down at the door.)
  4. There might be samples and it seems rebellious to eat in a library. I am trying to be a little more rebellious in general, but in a good way like doing things out of the ordinary or unexpected.
  5. The ingredients they listed in the description (nuts, yogurt, fruit, veggies, etc.) are all vegetarian – this makes me think that there might be good Bulgarian recipes that Brian could make for me. (For those of you who wondered about who cooked in point #1.)
  6. We are learning to make a “heart-warming” red stew and I like my food with emotion.

When I signed up it seemed like it might be full but there was a waiting list sign up so if you are free Monday at 7pm and are in Lee’s Summit, sign up and join me for what promises to be an hour of educational bliss.

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