You’d never know it was May 14th today in Omaha – it was freezing cold! This wouldn’t have been so bad but my plans for our free day in Omaha included everything outdoors and we hadn’t really packed expecting winter weather. Since this was my first non-driving through/work-only trip to Omaha – we forged on anyway, figuring we could warm up on the drive back to Kansas City.

a. Lunch at Hiro 88 – delicious sushi
b. Breakfast at Aroma’s Coffeehouse – peppermint mocha latte and coffeecake
c. Asparagus at the Omaha Farmer’s Market. Very impressed with the variety and quality at this market, located in the Old Market Downtown.
d. Proof of Brian Beard’s presence! (He’s starting his own three month mini-streak of trips with me!)
e. The Henry Doorly Zoo – we watched Born to be Wild at the IMAX (which was a great choice considering the weather). Also pictured, a snake and some blue bellied birds.
I’d been hearing for a long time that I needed to go to the Omaha Zoo – so I am glad I finally went. [Although, not to go off on a huge rant, but I am not a huge fan of zoos in general. I think it’s great for rehabilitation (like the tiger with three legs) and some conservation efforts (like all the facts about the level of “endangeredness” of each animal), but I think most of the animals seem sad. When they pace around and people ignore signs and tap on the glass, I sort of lose it and need to move on.

I don’t mind the birds, the reptiles and the fish – they seem happy wherever they are.] On a positive note, they had just opened a Madagascar exhibit and had some fossa – which I hadn’t seen in the wild, which really made me want to go back to Africa. In all, it was a fun day and when we got home we had a delicious dinner made from our farmer’s market finds. Thanks for checking in!

P.S. The blog contest ends at midnight so this is your last chance to enter. The drawing and reveal will happen and be posted sometime tomorrow!

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