Today we went to the school to talk to Emile, our host and the Principal of Lott Carey School, about details on the plans for a summer camp here in a year and a half. I had the opportunity to ask him lots of questions about logistics, ideas, the best ways to do this and what his hopes for a program like that would be. Since the kids get out of school in late June they have little to nothing to do until school starts back up in the fall. This leaves them home alone or on the streets vulnerable to abuse, sexual activity, drinking, etc. and doesn’t keep them prepared for school in the fall – a lot like in the U.S.

My hope is to bring two teams to lead camps for two weeks each. I spent the afternoon surveying students about the areas of interest that they were most interested in. From the 120 kids I asked here sports, science and music are leading. There is a lot more work to do but the most critical step will be finding the right team of people to come and lead these themed weeks of camp. We talked about doing the the sessions as two weeks for the 3-10 year olds and the second two weeks for the 11-18 year olds. Think about it and if you’re interested in learning more about coming along for this let me know.

The next two days we are going to be visiting the Ministry of Health and a community or two where fistula survivors have been reintegrated back into life successfully. Due to the stigma and smells involved with fistulas, many victims are cast out of their marriages, their families and their villages. It will be exciting to see them being successful with their small businesses and hopefully happy as well.

It’s hard to believe how fast time has gone here, how we’ve adapted to ridiculous heat and humidity, know when the generators will be on and off and have learned so much. I’m coming to the point where although I have journaled everyday, taken lots of pictures and videos and have been able to blog a lot – I still feel like I haven’t captured everything. You will just need to come and see for yourself!

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