The Rose Balcony room at the Benner House – ooo, roses everywhere!

This weekend was the Westin Irish Festival! We went up Friday night and stayed all weekend at the Benner House with a gift certificate from Brian’s parents from Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad Beard!). The place was nice, comfortable and delicious food and within walking distance of the festival – no parking hassles! After checking in we headed to the festival and soaked in three days worth of music – with a couple of breaks for food and sleep. The weather could not have been more perfect and the festival posted record attendance numbers. We wandered around town a little bit, enjoyed the very start of the fall leaves turning for the season and saw friends and family there. Here are some pictures of the fun!

The outdoor stage
The Screaming Orphans from Donegal, my new rock heros! This was the stage six stories below the earth in O’Malley’s Pub.
Mel and Thomas came by the festival on Saturday and we had some ice cream together in town. Thomas used the word “cold” often, he had a better hang on that than on using his spoon so he used his hand mostly.
There is a new cigar store in Weston where they make hand-rolled cigars. Not really something I buy but it was cool that the drying barn was a couple blocks down the street and this guy was making them for the festival that evening.
Hanging out with Brian Beard. (For the record – Brian said he didn’t like this picture because he looked bald, but now you know, he isn’t really bald it’s just the photo.)

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