I keep telling myself that I need to stop, that I need to be realistic and let it go. Life is getting crazy busy and I need to grow up and be practical. But alas, my friends, I cannot, at least for now. Month #40 (November 2011) of the streak has been booked. We are going to Vegas for Thanksgiving. I just couldn’t pass up round-trip airfare and four nights hotel for two for the low, low price of $438. For those of you concerned about my magical powers of manipulation of the family budget – Brian was in before he knew the price.

Using some of my sweet perks that I had piling up and some great deals for flying on a holiday and returning the Monday after the weekend, albeit later than you really want to arrive home on a work night, makes for a huge difference in airfare and my free night through hotels.com didn’t hurt either. Granted we’re not staying anywhere fancy, but Harrah’s is rated at 3+ stars, is on the Strip and has high customer reviews. And, as I’ve said before, if I don’t have to lint roll my own sheets, I’m happy.

To those of you not excited about a trip to Vegas, especially since I was hoping for Costa Rica, this whole thing is structured around not only continuing “the streak” (in a budget-friendly way) but also to see Jim Gaffigan (comedian). I heard he was going to be there for Thanksgiving and given his amazing food-related comedy, I thought it would be a great way to spend a turkey-free holiday (for me anyway). Brian also wants to see Penn and Teller and we might see the Lion King too. Who knows, we’ll get to discount show booking shortly, anyone have any tips on that? Thanks for checking in!

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