I spent the majority of my day learning about water, sanitation and hygiene – I even won two prizes for a WASH team quiz (a lovely coffee table book) and for correctly answering a question about the role of advocacy in WASH (a Maasai Beaded Milk Gourd). While I did have a mostly educational day, I managed to fit in some food, I know you were worried. In an effort to complete my list from my planning post, I had dinner at Cava Mezze, a Greek tapas place, and picked up a homemade blueberry cheesecake poptart for tomorrow morning from Ted’s Bulletin. (I canceled breakfast with myself due to a last minute invite to see Hilary Clinton speak tomorrow morning.)

I know I get a bit carried away with my love of calamari and taking its photo, but I can’t help it. This version sat atop a dollop of tzatziki sauce, double yum! 
My blueberry cheesecake poptart seemed normal compared to the peanut butter bacon flavored one, hmmm.
It was strange, the sweet lobby just happened to be across the street and down a block from Cava Mezze. I took it as a sign and bought an Orange Ginger and a Milk Chocolate macaroon for dessert.
Happy World Water Day tomorrow everyone!

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