I arrived in India on Saturday night (or morning, I guess it was 1am) and spent the night in Chennai. Sunday I hung around the hotel, caught up on three weeks of work emails and then flew down to Trichy (where our office is). It usually takes me a day or two to start getting the hang of things when I get to a new country and my experience so far has been great. The people are friendly and helpful and I have enjoyed my time so far.

Today, I went to work after a good night’s rest (not feeling too jet lagged, thankfully) and a nice Western-style breakfast. The office was quiet and I enjoyed spending time with the people who were in the office (everyone else is traveling). At lunchtime food was ordered for me and I sweated through my first authentic Indian meal. It was delicious but my tastebuds are going to get a workout. So many flavors and spices even in simple dishes. Definitely not like the Indian food I have had in the U.S.

Before I left the states, one of my co-workers tipped me off to max as the place to shop for great, work-appropriate clothing for India (thanks, Janet!). Luckily, there was one right next to my hotel that I stopped by after work. I bought three half-sleeve tunics and a scarf for under US$30. I am here a few more days, I might be back before I move on to the next city this weekend.
Afterwards, I headed down to one of the hotel restaurants and had some dinner. The spicy golden prawns (left) were gum numbingly hot, but still tasty and the cheese dosa was yummy and almost as long as my arm.

I am pretty sure all the black tea I had today is responsible for keeping me upright all the way until now, and it’s after 9:30pm. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’m up to!

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