I feel like I have been happily busy lately and bursting with things to share on the blog. Hopefully I am not overwhelming anyone out there. I will keep this short, since I just posted last night, but I wanted to share that this past week our friends, that I had talked about in this post, came to Kansas City to visit from Anapra, Mexico. It was nice to see them again, since I have been learning a lot more about their community, the challenges they face there and working to support the rice and beans program that we have there.

Sorry Katie, not to steal your thunder by posting this before it shows up on your blog, but here is our group as photographed by Brandon.

We were able to hear from them directly how everything is going. We shared a meal with them on Sunday night and were so lucky to give them a hug, tell them that we think about them everyday and want to come visit them as soon as it’s safe for us and for them to have us. I also sort of promised that I would try to learn some Spanish by the time they came back, better brush off those CDs!

Also, if anyone is interested in sponsoring a child’s education in Anapra (starting at $90/year for an elementary school student) just let me know and I will hook you up with the woman who handles this in Kansas City.

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