Monday has been a trip day without me planning it that way. It started out this morning with me following up with my insurance about their denial of my medical claim for my shots. I knew they wouldn’t all be covered but at least the two flu shots should be. They explained that I couldn’t put all items on the same line on the claim form (even though they were itemized correctly on the bill) and I would need to resubmit the form. Got that done after work and will mail tomorrow.

Then this afternoon I got an e-mail from Azafady saying they got my deposit transfer for my trip but that it was $50 below the minimum donation requirement. This was odd since I sent extra in case the exchange rate fluctuated between sending and receiving the funds. I was then reminded that there was an 8.65% fee for processing. So on $1150 that is enough to have me under. I will now have to contact Bank of America and try to put the difference on my debit card since the money is due tomorrow. Have been putting that call off all day.

Got home and my Settlers of Catan travel game came in the mail along with the books from the past volunteer who wants to send gifts back to the guides he had while there in the winter.

I pulled out my hiking backpack this weekend and have exciting plans to measure it to see if I can sneak it as my carry-on. I know, things are just really coming along. Three weeks from tomorrow…

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