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If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I like to plan out the year’s travels on January 1. It allows me to set a budget, schedule my vacation time, and look forward to things. This year is shaping up busier than any other I can recall–and holds quite a bit of international travel. I’m excited to dive feet first into my upcoming 2020 travels, and have some cocktails along the way. Here’s where I’ll be sipping (and working) in the new year!

Planned Trips for 2020

Portland, OR (work): my team is meeting with our new boss for some pre-All Hands 2020 planning.

Berlin, Germany (work): our bi-annual All Hands meeting (my first trip to Germany in the chilly January weather)

Maya Riviera, Mexico (personal): taking a trip with Brian to a warm and sunny beach, and checking out a third Hyatt Andaz property

Portland, OR (work): attending a computer science education conference in March with most of my Responsible Computer Science Challenge grantees. Excited to watch them present and share what they’ve been working on!

Berlin, Germany (work): going back in slightly warmer March weather for our Spring Fellowship Summit with some of our 29 Mozilla Fellows.

Oaxaca and Miahuatlan, Mexico (personal): so excited to be going on a guided mezcal tour (my first sponsored blog trip!) with Spirited Mexico/Centam Travel.

Valencia, Spain (work): I’m attending the Internet Freedom Festival in April

Melbourne, Australia (work): all but one of my Mozilla Fellows focuses on Open Science, biomedical sciences, and artificial intelligence. We’re going down under for a team workweek and will be joined by a couple of alums.

Stockton, Missouri (personal): our annual Memorial Day Beard family camping trip. I love getting spend time exploring the woods with my two nephews!

San José, Costa Rica (work): attending a conference about human rights in the digital age (so excited for this!)

Toronto, Canada (work + personal): our second All Hands meeting of 2020. Brian is going to join me at the end for some exploring.

Snowbird, Utah (work): another computer science conference where my grantees and one of my Fellows will be presenting.

Los Angeles, CA (personal): my sister-in-law and I are going to see Taylor Swift and spend a few days enjoying Venice Beach in July.

Yet to be Scheduled Trips for 2020

It’s hard to believe that all the trips above are happening in the first seven months of the year! Other things that are in the planning stages are:

  • Our annual festival for work (the location is changing this year, but will be somewhere in Europe in the fall)
  • My annual lake trip to Arkansas with some grad school friends (our 8th!)
  • At least one trip with a girlfriend
  • A Christmas ski trip to Colorado with Brian’s family

Whew! I am a tad bit tired just reading through the list of upcoming 2020 travels but I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have so much going on. I also know that there will be other things that come up throughout the year. Where are you going in 2020? Let me know if you need any help or recommendations. Cheers!

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