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After our salt-water adventures in Nusa Ceningan, we headed to the Southern beach resort area of Seminyak, Bali. Known for incredible sunsets, nightlife, and luxury accommodations, it was another dimension of Indonesia to experience. Two days in Seminyak was a perfect way to relax before our next side trip.

Where to Stay

After a very reasonable two-night stay at Dafish ($75 for both nights, inclusive of breakfast and transport), it was time for a splurge. If you follow my personal Instagram account, you’ve already seen some of the amazing photos of our suite at Katamama. I didn’t include the pool, which we swam in on our last morning.

All the rooms at Katamama also have in-room bars complete with tools, fruits, and mixers. I was in heaven mixing up some lemongrass gin gimlets before we went to bed.

The view from our rooftop patio wasn’t too bad either. The hotel is mostly made of local brick which gives it a warm feeling. It’s also full of local art and has a range of room rates.

Where to Play

This area of Bali has no shortage of shops and things to see. Since shopping is pretty much the same around the world, here are a few things you should definitely put on your list when you’re in Seminyak.

This art installation (of flip flops and shutters) is right across from Katamama’s hotel lobby. It separates the hotel from Potato Head Beach Club, which is an upscale, ocean-front hangout spot. They have three restaurants, a giant pool, a sandy beach, and plenty of drinks.

Potato Head Beach Club has a row of beach-front daybeds that you can reserve to watch the sunset, or to relax in during the day. There is also a large lawn with daybeds and chairs for lounging. We cancelled our massages to enjoy the sunset – sometimes you can’t do it all!

I think the sunset was worth it! The people watching alone was entertainment – selfies by people from all over the world.

We also took a drive up to make chocolate from bean to finished product with Primo Chocolate. They grow their own cocoa beans nearby and make handcrafted chocolate for local restaurants and hotels around Bali. They offer a two-hour class, we were the only two students the day we went, and you learn all about chocolate making. I wasn’t so great at sifting out the cocoa shells from the nibs (center) but I was really good at the eating part.

We also failed at our first attempt at tempering the chocolate, even with help, but it was fun spreading it on the marble table. We also made some pretty pitiful shapes with the melted chocolate, but it tasted wonderful!

There are also many nearby temples you can visit. The one above, Batu Bolong, and the one below, are Hindu temples that provide places to pray for Bali’s safety from the ocean.

Tanah Lot Temple

Visitors aren’t allowed into either one of the temples, but you can walk out to Tanah Lot during low tide (shown above). On the ridge above, you’ll find places to eat a scenic meal or do some souvenir shopping.

Where to Eat and Drink

After all the exploring, you can really work up an appetite. And, of course you’ll want a cocktail or two. Here are a few of my favorite places we tried.

To get to the temples in time for low tide, we grabbed breakfast on the go. But on our second morning, we had a lovely meal at the Katamama Restaurant. These little whole grain pancakes were layered with bananas and cashew butter, and were topped with strawberries and chocolate sauce. Yum!

Akademi Bar

The Akademi Bar describes itself as the “center for mixology” and offers cocktail classes. While we didn’t take a class, we did sip a drink in the award-winning (for design) bar. I had the Hang Tuah, made with lemongrass gin, pineapple arak, Aperol, pineapple galangal ratafia, turmeric and tamarind cordial, and citrus juice.

We had the most amazing dinner at Mejekawi, located at KU DE TA. With a view of the waves lit by spotlights from shore, we enjoyed a five-course tasting menu. Highlights included the grilled coral trout served with chili paste, jicama, apples, and lime.

My favorite part of the whole meal was the White Bloody Mary. They were made with vodka, basil oil, pepper bitters, and juice from a tomato hung for 24 hours. It was spicy and delicious!

I would definitely recommend adding two days in Seminyak to your next trip to Bali. Cheers!

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