I always prided myself on being a geek. Following tech trends and platforms, being an early adopter, etc. When someone asked me for my Twitter handle at a party the other night I was stumped. I was reminded of when R.I.T. boys would ask for your ICQ #.

Anyways, in a business setting LinkedIn has worked before but I guess I still have some work to do before I am really a full blown nerd. I signed up for Twitter yesterday (@jenntbeard) and am now trying to figure it out while hopefully adding something to the noise.

Saw this art at the Google party the other night and really liked it. I love how there are always new ideas about old things like work. I think if we tweaked all normal experiences slightly we could recapture joy. Like I am sitting in the Austin airport listening to some awesome sounding live band and feeling lucky. Hope you’re enjoying your day too.

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