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When I lived in Rochester, NY I had access to the best supermarket ever – Wegmans. Not only did they carry every grocery item you could ever want, they also had amazing prepared foods (a variety of which you could eat in the store), bulk foods (which allowed me to get all the gummy candies without buying multiple bags), beautiful flowers and produce, beauty products and enough for the home that you could skip a trip to the hardware store. Upon graduation/marriage/moving across the country to California, Brian said he would miss Wegmans the most. Since then, we have certainly found grocery stores and specialty food stores that are reminiscent but never quite the same. This was until I walked into something better today – Eataly.

This store is next to the hotel I am staying in and chock full of the most amazing meats, cheeses, fish, pasta, kitchen gadgets, pastries, produce and chocolates I have ever seen. I’m a vegetarian and even looked at the smoked and cured meats for ten whole minutes. While I doubt you could do your regular shopping here, prohibited mostly by price, the place is rather captivating. I walked around the two-story building (one floor is just wine, beer and liquor) for about an hour and limited myself to only buying the tiny treats that would fit in my suitcase.

Around the store are food stations where you can get a glass of wine, a plate of freshly cut meats and cheeses, or a full meal. Even the fancy soaps, shampoos and books – all of which I couldn’t really figure out what they were – were fun to look through.

Not planning a trip to Italy soon? Never fear, you can find Eataly in New York City, Chicago, Dubai, Istanbul and 10 stores around Japan.

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