Over the years, my trip planning methods have included travel books read cover to cover, meticulous spreadsheets of activities and budgets, Yelp and OpenTable searches for the perfect restaurants, themed regional movie marathons, travel blog scouring (especially for our upcoming trip to Japan) and conversations with other travelers near and far. I’ve heard lots of people say that the planning part is half the fun, which in most cases, it is. However, sometimes you’re lucky to just be getting away, let alone have the time to scheme and plan the perfect getaway. Which is why this new website I found, and am sharing with you now, is so great.


WhereFor allows you to enter in your budget, departure location + date, number of travelers and minimum hotel level you prefer (budget, standard, luxury) and will give you recommendations for flights and hotels that would fit your inputs. If you want a little more control, the Advanced feature even let’s you set the geographic area to choose from (or the exact city you want to visit) and your general interest in a trip type (food, family, beaches, mountains, wine, nightlife, pet-friendly). While the budget you provide doesn’t include meals, in-town transportation costs or admission fees to places you might visit, it’s still a pretty terrific starting place for where your money might be able to take you.

Speaking of budgets, and I know they may sound like the least fun part of a trip, but when made in advance and split into monthly increments of what you should set aside, it makes returning home that much more fun. This is if you have done a good job of properly estimating how much you’re really going to spend, which may require you keeping track along the way. (There are plenty of apps that can help you do this pretty painlessly.) Knowing that you spent money you already saved will help you extend your post-vacation glow a little longer. Hope you get to travel soon!

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