I posted about my favorite tech related travel items awhile ago and it was one of the favorites listed on the blog for awhile. I thought it might be fun post again with a related topic, this time about my favorite travel apps. Depending on who you are, I realize that we may be getting a little burned out on apps and talking about them but I am bothering to mention these ones here because they actually help me travel better. Maybe you’ll even find a new one to download that could help you out too. Here goes:

Many people are familiar with Kayak – as it is great for comparing fares across carriers quickly and even includes other discount travel aggregating websites. What I love it for is that when I get in a moment of impulsively wanting to plan another trip somewhere I can quickly estimate the cost and help make a well-informed decision wherever I am.
Yelp. (I am sure the were going on a sort of “help for you” play on words when naming this and I like it.) It’s great for finding restaurants and reading pretty accurate reviews – I know this from not always following advice and wishing I had. It’s also great for finding ATMs, gas stations and other places that stock items you may have forgotten at home.
Food Spotting (later sold to OpenTable). I think this is kind of new, but I could be wrong. I discovered it at SXSW. It’s kind of fun. People basically just upload photos of their food at different restaurants that are nearby to your current location. That seems to be it.
Google Maps. This is a no-brainer pick, I know. But I love it and I use it constantly. I never use my GPS device anymore, just my phone. So it lightens my bag (no device or extra charger required) and helps me know how to avoid traffic, construction, etc. which I love.
I swear I am not that obsessed with food (this is my third related pick) but it is one of the fun things about traveling. I like OpenTable at home and on the road because I love having a reservation, period.
Finally, this isn’t an app yet but hopefully it will be soon, if the start up phase goes well. Planely (sadly, the startup didn’t fly) allows you to enter in your upcoming flight information and if someone else is on that flight and registers through Planely too you will get introduced before the flight and can arrange to sit together. It only seems to have Southwest flights so far – which makes sense since you have the ability to pick your seat. I think it could be fun, especially if you are on your way to a conference or something where it would be nice to know someone ahead of time.

So, that’s my list. Any favorites of yours that I missed? I would love to hear about them. Thanks for stopping by!

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