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Yesterday was Brian’s birthday. In the Beard house, this usually means one thing – dinner out, preferably foody and new (at least to us). Enter, Affäre. This trendy, German tapas restaurant, located in the Crossroads District, was the perfect choice for Brian, who loves German food and beer. Affäre opened two weeks ago and has already garnered a fair bit of press, in fact the KC Star was photographing the chef when we arrived for our reservation. As Brian and I perused the menu, it dawned on us that we had no idea what modern German cuisine was like. Our most recent experience with this genre was on our trip to NYC where we enjoyed the most stereotypical, German Oktoberfest time. This latest experience was 180 degrees from beer steins, accordions, and roasted pigs.

From top left (clockwise): Red beet salad with flower blossoms and leaves, goat cheese and spiced pecan nuts; Textured Alaskan halibut, tomato-ginger mélange; Slow roasted, Wacholderbeeren rubbed elk loin, bing cherry sauce, Butterspätzle (Brian’s); and Seafood Allerlei in liaison with lemon risotto.

Unfortunately, the photo of Brian’s salad (Lollo rosso, oak leaf and frisee greens on edible soil, green asparagus, radishes, flower petals) did not turn out blog-worthy so you will have to check it out in person to see your own personal garden on a plate. The meal was wonderful, our waitress was lovely and the front wall panels were open to a nice breeze. Our only complaint was the bread which was too hard to eat without looking like a Neanderthal, tearing chunks off with your teeth, trust me – no ladylike pinching possible. Hope you can check them out soon and if you go on the weekend make a reservation on OpenTable. Thanks for stopping by!

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