After our conclusion yesterday that a cruise would not fit into our available window, the travel agent suggested a general trip option instead of a cruise. (This was helpful, as I tend to be single-minded at times and it was a great suggestion. Why stress out about smooshing the wrong trip in just to say we went on a cruise?) Since I am always in pursuit of a new country, I was all in when an all-inclusive in Jamaica got suggested. The cost for roundtrip airfare, transfers and the all-inclusive resort was far more reasonable than I was expecting – and our flights are at normal times! Our goal was to relax, and even though I will have to fight off the urge to find some volunteer work nearby, I think we’ll be able to do that. It won’t be a cruise, but it definitely fits the off-season bill – Jamaica in late June/early July? Yes please!

So, we’ll be staying at a Holiday Inn in Montego Bay – not the fanciest place but budget friendly. We’ll be out exploring most of the time, most likely. They have five restaurants, free use of self-powered boats, adults-only pool, etc. The reviews on Tripadvisor were mixed to say the least – ranging from two rats in their room to most amazing place ever! I usually take reviews with a grain of salt because we’re all looking for different things, right? It’s ranked 21st out of 64 places to stay in Montego Bay- so we’re middle-of-the-road. I am sure we’ll be fine either way and we’ll have fun stories to tell guaranteed, no matter who our extra roommates might be.

I’m just glad we both had valid passports handy because we leave in 38 days!!! Thanks for checking in!

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