In a partner post – to my vortex yoga post – here is the recap of the activity Brian wanted to do most, take the Verde Canyon Train through Verde Valley, about 30 miles outside of Sedona. We were surprised when we pulled into the train depot parking lot at how busy it was. We were among the last to arrive for the 1pm departure, a rare occasion in the Beard household, but we made it before it pulled out of the stucco station.

During the 4-hour trip, I kept thinking about how much my dad would love this activity and tried to remember things about pictures I was snapping that I know he will ask about later. The highlight of the day for me was when they switched the engines from one end of the train to the other for the return trip and handed off ice cream sandwiches to our train car, and of course the cucumber margarita!

I was surprised, although I guess I shouldn’t have been given the valley’s name, at how green everything was. Our bartender spent the duration of the trip mixing drinks and pointing out tiny rock formations (top/right: “See, Hear, Speak No Evil” middle/right: “Turtle”). We were also treated to a “lovely” audio selection that fluctuated between a narration and music. The train pulled into the station to “Proud to Be an American” which I guess was fitting given the bald eagles we had just passed as we came in.

Also, I had mentioned before that the train went 12 MPH, it actually went 10, except for the time that we went down a little hill. It was a little long for me but it was fun and a nice way to see an area that isn’t drivable – unless you have a 4×4 and a full day to explore.

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