Yesterday I got an email from REI regarding my September trail-maintenance trip to Yosemite with my dad:

Trip conditioning: Upon arrival in Yosemite, you should be capable of hiking 2-4 miles with a 10-15 pound daypack over terrain with some steep grades. Take the opportunity to enjoy training outdoors and practice trail hiking with the pack and boots you will be wearing on the trip.” (They didn’t include the 5-8 hours a day of manual labor.)

As most of you know, from reading along, between work and school I have found little time for anything else, including exercise. I have made it to about two yoga classes a month for the past couple of months, taken 15 minute walk breaks 1-3 times a week at work, and forgone the parking garage elevator in favor of the stairs. This has not been very effective at maintaining much in the way of fitness, as you might imagine.

When I started thinking about training for Yosemite, I was reminded about how I trained for my week of yoga and surf camp in Costa Rica about five years ago. It was a fun trip to get motivated and in shape for. I was practicing yoga about four times a week and working out in the gym on the off days. Mostly, I was intent on not drowning so I wanted to increase my cardio endurance, in order to tread water in case I got washed out to sea. I think trying to keep pace with my dad is motivation enough for this trip.

Now with three and a half months to go, I need to figure out a way to get ready. The 2-4 mile hike with a pack should be fine, but I am not sure I am currently up for it seven days in a row, with the addition of labor. I wanted to buy a kayak or a rowing skull to train but then Brian reminded me that we don’t really have any water nearby, a place to store said watercraft, or a way to haul it around. Oh well, enter my new running shoes instead:

I used to enjoy running but I haven’t run since I graduated from college; I am hoping I can pick it back up again. I made it a whole mile last night! I am going to try to get a good head start on things before school starts heating back up again. After that, I am hoping I can keep it up as a good way to de-stress in the fall. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to keep me honest by joining me for a run!

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