Perfect snack: iced sugar cookie (had to restrain myself from asking for the one with orange frosting since it seems silly that I’ll just be eating it) and a Brookside Bob (a light mint mocha).

I’m not going to lie, life has been a little crazy lately and I have allowed myself to get a little more stressed out than I would like to be. I am getting swept away by school and work – both of which I am loving – and not finding a lot of time for my de-stressing activities. However, today (after three really long days in a row) I got out of work early and had some time to kill before an evening meeting for school. So, I headed to my favorite local coffee shop – the Roasterie.

I started thinking about how much I like their coffee and the tour you can take of their roasting facility and then I realized that I hadn’t mentioned that on the blog before, even though I have taken the tour twice. So, if you live in Kansas City or you are going to visit at some point, you need to register for the free Roasterie tour and you’ll see what I am talking about. Also, right around the corner from their factory is the Boulevard Brewery, which you can also take a tour of. They take online reservations for their free tour and tasting – but book early as they fill up fast.

I think tours are such a fun and unique way to learn about a place or the interesting things that happen(ed) there. In fact I just booked a tour for our upcoming trip to Vegas to the Boneyard at The Neon Museum. I love old signs and I am excited to check out this graveyard for some of Vegas’ greatest creations.

It’s your turn! What are your favorite tours to take out-of-town guests to in your city? Thanks for stopping by!

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