Since it was over 100 degrees and dusty most of the places we drove, we kept the top up most of the time. The last night we were there we decided to drive through the canyons on the way up to Flagstaff to see the sun set. My first reaction was that we were going to somehow fall out of the car as it wound up and down the hills. This reaction was irrationally similar to when I used to go fishing as a kid and I thought the fish was going to pull me out of the boat or when I snorkeled for the first time and my brain told me I shouldn’t be breathing under water.

I eventually felt better about the top half of the car missing and went wild taking photos and singing at the top of my lungs. I found it was still difficult to get good photos from a moving vehicle, I still got a couple of good ones. It was a great way to end our time in Sedona and we will definitely be back. Here are a few of my parting shots:

Love the sun dusting the top!

Thanks for following along on our trip! Another adventure starts tomorrow with “Blog Winner Weekend #2”!

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