Sometimes when I travel, I try hard to find interesting things to see/do/eat so that I have “good” things to blog about that hopefully will entertain anyone stopping by here. That’s not to say that I am trying to contrive things (too much) but it definitely keeps me moving so that I can create something. When I used to travel for my old job, I would find places to check out after work so I could share something interesting about my travel, even if I’d been working all day.

I’ve been working for the past three days in the India office (sitting at a desk all day, except at lunchtime when I move 10 feet to the table and back) and eating my meals before and after in the hotel. I like to explore new places but sometimes it’s too dark to wander around or seems overwhelming when I don’t speak the language or know what anything is on the menu. (I will be traveling more with a colleague starting tomorrow for the rest of my trip, so I would imagine my blog posts about India will be enriched from here on out.)

That brings me to today. I read a story the other day about a guy who captures his everyday life in pictures, even though it may not be particularly exciting stuff. His photo blog on Instagram has built a large following and he just posts objects or scenes from his everyday life. In a society where everything is innovative, high-tech and shocking in some way or another, I think it’s easy to look past things of perhaps lesser excitement. These things, though, tell a story, like my day below.

The feast on the left is like all of my lunches this week – containers and baggies full of lots of sauces, curries, rices, plant parts, etc. that I can’t remember the names of. However, what I can remember is how everyone comes together for lunch and swaps all the things they’ve brought, tempting each other to try things in the tiniest containers (which is a warning sign to me that the item is either very spicy or very bitter, or both!) and giggling when I say something is too spicy.

The tea on the top right comes to me twice a day, sweetened with condensed milk, in the morning and afternoon. Although I can’t spell her name, there is this lovely woman in the office who takes care of the cleaning and the beverages everyday. In the morning she brings two biscuits, tea and water with little plastic plates on top. She clears everything away with a smile and comes back in the afternoon with more tea and water.

Finally, the last photo is from the fourth floor balcony, which is the floor our office is on. The street below, at this particular moment, held one cow grazing in the trash, a man on a two-wheeler, a woman walking, and a construction site. There is an abandoned looking preschool across the street which reminds me of places I’ve seen before that I’ve thought were old but were in fact new.

Thanks for enjoying my day with me, may you find beauty in your day as well. Tomorrow I am visiting one of our partners’ offices and I will finally make it to the field to see our work firsthand.

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