I love nothing more than to laugh so hard that I fall over. If you haven’t been keeping up with the comments on the blog contest, I would like to bring you excerpts from some of my favorites so far (no offense if you didn’t get listed, love you too!). Also, trying to find Jessica who just entered and get your last name, just comment on this post and I’ll make a note of it. Thank you so much to everyone who has entered so far, you are making this a ton of fun for me. Just a reminder – the drawing will be random but I am loving your creativity just the same. Four more days to enter!!

  • Katie – …I’d share my Princess Kate nail polish for the fancy nights, and I’d totally tell you if you got the fancy spinach between your teeth. And we’d probably laugh a lot. And I don’t snore.
  • Ellie – …I have never been on a cruise where my companion has stayed awake for the adventure…I have a bunch of kids so my vacations almost always involve the word “Disney”
  • Sarah – …the two of us haven’t really ever hung out (except for the back porch of Grannies) and if that is any indication of the fun we could have…well, Get ready cruise!
  • Christine – …My brain is screaming to leave you a witty comment but every bone in my body says, I HAVE 5 FRIGGIN KIDS and it’s quite possible I no longer possess that ability.
  • Sarah #2 – …I am fair skinned myself so I would not shame you with a killer tan. In that same light, I have some great sunscreen and I would share.
  • Kristin – …if I go with you, and we don’t like how we look in our swimming suits after the cruise, I can Photoshop our heads on to better bodies for the blog. I’m just saying! Pick me!
  • Jodi – …you do share a birthday with my son…plus we could have a whole conversation without my children interrupting!
  • Lorna – …I’M YOUR MOTHER!!!…you are my favorite girl in the whole world
  • Leslie – …I am fully retired now, so my bags are always packed and ready to go
  • Amanda – …we share an office…imagine the smart working that will flow if TWO of us vacation at the same time.
  • Stefanie – There once was a girl named Jenn
    Who generously gave to her friend
    Simply write on her site
    And wait with delight
    Until the cruise on which she will send!
  • Gerald (the lone male entry, who is also my dad) – … Being a man of the sea…I throw my sailor hat into the ring of competition. I know how to handle shipboard emergencies if one should arise and can stay calm. I can tell great sea stories…

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