So, I’ll admit it, I have done a bad job at updating my “In the Meantime” section of the blog. It seemed like a good idea at the time, especially since I imagined swaths of uninterrupted time where I would be sitting in coffee houses, sipping lattes and having nothing else to do but update the 10 people who are reading the aforementioned updates. However, this hasn’t been the case. With homework and real work (yay, love my contracting gig!), I am far busier than I was before with one solidly, full-time job. This has left me with little time for the rest of my life, like traveling, blogging, seeing friends, etc.

Time has flown so fast, in fact, that I leave for Haiti in 11 days, and I had to look that up on my calendar because I couldn’t remember. Yikes! I need to figure out what to pack and it will be my biggest challenge yet as I am bringing only one backpack! One backpack may sound like a lot, but once you factor in all the bedding, snacks, medical supplies, etc., it fills right up. I am sure that I will share with all of you, my lovely readers, my progress. Until then, I hope you are doing well and I will talk to you again real soon!

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