We arrived in Reno yesterday afternoon for the third blog winner weekend. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out past posts) We picked up a car, rental skis/boots/poles and ski passes in town and had a delicious lunch (of course) at a place called Süp. I had the yummiest, New York white cheddar grilled cheese with avocado (pictured middle).

After lunch, we drove to the condo we rented in Tahoe. The view from the living room, picture window can be seen at the top, the blue sliver is the lake. After some much deserved naps (bottom right), we headed to Scusa to carb up for today’s skiing adventures. My eggplant parmesan was perfect. We all left full and ready for bed – getting up at 3am and tacking on a two-hour time change is a tough way to start a vacation!

The next morning we got up bright and early, packed lunches and headed to Sierra at Tahoe to beat the crowd. Three local Olympic gold medalists came in the afternoon (they are tiny in the top, right corner) and we wanted to nab a parking spot. Jason and Twila (the blog winner weekend winners) and Brian hit the slopes right away and I waited on my lesson. Today was my first downhill skiing experience and I wanted to get the do’s and don’ts down to avoid breaking myself in two. Like the last time we were here, I still hate the chairlift but the skiing was fun. It was 50 degrees on the mountain, so we were plenty warm and skied most of the day.
After showers, we headed back into town and walked around a bit (so nice to have regular shoes on after those ski boots – ouch!). We then headed for Off the Hook for a delicious sushi dinner. Brian and I shared the most amazing yellowtail, garlic albacore and salmon sashimi, along with a tiger roll and finished it all off with tempura fried, green tea ice cream.

Fully stuffed, we headed back to the condo for a soak in the hot tub. The moon is full tonight and we could see lots of stars. A perfect end to a wonderful day. Here’s to hoping my body cooperates to get out of bed tomorrow to do it all again!

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