I came across an article the other day on AAA’s website about a new museum that just opened in Topeka celebrating 150 years of all things Kansas. I went to Wichita this week and figured on my way back to Kansas City I would check it out.

Well, I sort of miscalculated how long the drive would take me total and ran out of time to see it. (Plus my book on CD was too good to stop listening to – I’m a nerd, I know.) However, I wanted to tell you about some other Kansas museums that I passed along on my way home – who knew Kansas was so chock full of museums? These are all between Wichita and Kansas City. I will definitely drive back through to visit them all someday!

  1. KS Museum of History – (see article link above) “From the earliest people to the recent past, the Kansas Museum of History impresses visitors with amazing artifacts and interactive displays. You’ll thrill to stories from the Oregon and Santa Fe trails, learn the tragic history of Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War, stroll through a full-sized train, sit in a 1950s diner, and much more.” (from museum website)
  2. KS Oil Museum – a museum all about the oil industry in Kansas, cool. I have a family oil share in Hays, so this museum could include family history for me!
  3. Coleman Factory Outlet and Museum – my dad would totally love this place, next time you visit we’ll go here dad! Their website says it’s not worth the trip just for the museum, since it’s only 200 square feet, but it could still be fun!
  4. Old Cowtown Museum – a living history museum where you will experience life specifically in the 1870’s, I like that, find a niche and stick with it.
  5. Great Overland Station – a train museum and a Veteran’s memorial – all in one!

Let me know if you have been to any of these, or others that people traveling through Kansas shouldn’t miss! Thanks for checking in!

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