Tonight my fellow travelers and I got together at Kathi’s house to go over the final preparations. We packed tons of school supplies, hygiene items, movies for the kids at the school and toys to take with us. We have 7 checked bags and 6 carry-ons going with us so we will not be traveling light! I think we should have everything we need. I am almost ready – still need to get together a few things at home, get some money and buy snacks.  They’ll be nice and fresh!

I was starting to get a little nervous tonight as Kathi talked about the possibility of people taking our things at the airport – not passengers but airport officials. I keep forgetting that they are still rebuilding their police force. I forget that I have little concept of lawlessness – or at least a place with no one to enforce the laws. I will breathe a deep sigh of relief when we’ve made it to our guest house. Thank you to all of you who are praying for out safety, we appreciate it.

L-R: Ashley, Kathi and me (thank you Brandon for the photo!)

In other news, tomorrow night is the first installment of the International Film Festival in the Crossroads – so check it out Kansas City! The first film is about Burma – Brian just read me the film’s synopsis and I am hoping it’s not as gruesome as it sounds. Hmmm, we’ll see on that one I guess. Thanks for stopping by!

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