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My last three posts were themed because I took so many photos and saw so many things. I had a few more things that I wanted to share to round this trip out.

I rode a horse, led by a dog in a small animal circus. I have heard that a video exists of this also, but I have not seen it. The lesson here is that whenever someone gestures for me to get on a horse, I oblige.

The best part of the circus was the tiny apparatus that the owner built for each and every act. There were tiny see-saws, hoops, little jail cells, dog-sized soccer goals and beds, and about fifteen other inventions.

One of the days we went to a forest for a tour of local plants, trees and flowers. I loved this “shaving brush” tree, which I have been unable to positively identify online. It grows in white (like this tree) and red. Both were spectacular.

We took a ride on this sweet old steam train. We sat in an open car full of benches while the soot and ash blew back in our eyes.

In addition to the government ration bodegas, which supply a pre-set amount of grocery items that each person can purchase for their household (5 eggs, a pound of salt, etc.), there is also a government store that provides inexpensive necessities. There were blue patent leather shoes for women, black leather shoes (with and without laces) for men, laundry soap, and light bulbs.

There were so many beautiful churches, with amazing vintage cars parked outside.

Part of the reason I wanted to get to Cuba as fast as I could, was because as “progress” happens, people may to want to change it into a pristine and shiny version of other places. I love the look of the weathered buildings, next to the brightly colored buildings. I hope some balance is struck over time to maintain the beauty of the old and new. I hope you can get there soon and enjoy the wonderfully rich offerings this amazing country has to offer.

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