“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”Confucius
View from the classroom window.
I spent this last week in Colorado Springs at the Center for Creative Leadership where I took part in a course called “Developing the Strategic Leader”. There were 19 participants from all over the world from different industries, experiences and backgrounds. The week was centered around self discovery through assessments, one-on-one coaching, peer feedback and a giant business simulation which allowed us to work together while developing strategies. It was an intensely rewarding week. I wanted to blog while I was away but in all honesty I didn’t even have time to check my e-mails. Plus, it was nice to have a break from outside distractions. The people I met were fantastic, the lessons we learned were numerous and the week left me tired in a way I haven’t felt since I came back from Madagascar. We had a lot of fun, forged friendships and ate way too much great food.

At first the timing of this course with my personal and work schedule seemed a little overwhelming with leaving for Liberia in just a week, but I am glad I went because I will have some additional time away from my normal life to reflect on what I learned about myself, my organization and the things I need to work on. Thanks for stopping by!

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