My blog post for Azafady had seemed a bit on the serious side when I wrote it, so I also wrote this to balance things out [slightly censored here]:

Top Ten Reasons the Bush is Better (than the city):

10. There is never a line for the long-drop toilet because you can’t stand the smell for long.

9. Without a car, you are likely to work off your breakfast dough balls quicker.

8. When you step in something you never have to wonder what it is – you already know it’s poop.

7. It’s never anyone’s turn to clean the toilet – the rain takes care of it for you.

6. Everything is funnier out in the middle of nowhere, including this list.

5. New, English-speaking visitors to camp are like a new toy.

4. You can skip a shower when it rains because wet or damp toilet paper gets the most important bits clean.

3. Completing mundane, everyday tasks feels like a huge accomplishment (dishes, laundry, shower, etc.).

2. It’s fine to spill things or have accidents because when your laundry comes back the water pre-stained them for you.

1. Because nowhere else can you be excited to bathe in smelly, brown water while having to get yourself into the most unflattering positions over a bucket trying to dunk your hair.

Not sure that translates to those of you not familiar with bush living in Africa but for my fellow volunteers who were looking for a copy of the list, here you go.

A chameleon and me. (Btw, I swear I wore more than this one shirt and not every picture taken of me includes a critter.)

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