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I was originally bummed to not be able to update you on my Cuban adventures in real time, due to the lack of internet and the high cost of cellular data rates. But, upon returning to the frigid, grey landscape that is now Kansas City, I am happy to be reliving my time there as I try to warm myself up with tea and blankets. I bring you my first post in a broad overview of colors.

I couldn’t get enough of the bright, vintage cars. How they keep the chrome so perfect is beyond me. These beauties were lined up in a square in Havana, waiting to taxi tourists around town.

Mojitos being prepared in bulk, always with brightly colored straws, and sometimes a swizzle stick.

At the top of a three story tower, sits Ernest Hemingway’s writing room. The tower sits beside his former home, a large in-ground pool, and his wooden boat. Click here for an up-close shot of his typewriter.

We visited an eco resort called Las Terrazas on the San Juan River. I liked the bottle lights strung up in the trees.

We visited an artist who lives in the mosaic house he made himself. Outside his two story home, complete with pool and underwater treadmill, his mosaics line the street.

While there are sandy beaches, a lot of the coastline is coral and rock.

Cobblestone streets and individually painted living quarters.

This was at a stadium where we played some baseball with a team of Cuban athletes (although many of them played sports other than baseball like judo and boxing). Their bicycles lined the walls and I liked this one in contrast to the bleachers.

I love this color so much!

The government-provided rations do not include fresh fruits and vegetables. For these, you must visit a market like this one.

Every square we visited held another color combo that I couldn’t stop photographing. The contrast of fresh, bold paint alongside worn and weathered buildings was perfect to me. Thanks for stopping by for my first installment. Keep reading along here.

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