This weekend my dad’s side of the family all trekked in the snow to Maine to be with my Bumpa for his 80th birthday. My grandmother had been planning this party weekend for months and arranged for us to arrive as surprises for my grandpa. My aunts and my cousin and his family arrived on their doorstep on Friday night and Brian and I slipped into seats at a restaurant on Saturday when my grandfather left for the bathroom. It was a success! He was totally shocked and surprised with each new addition of family member and agenda item. Tons of other friends and family turned out on Sunday for a big bash complete with band, magician and catering. We had a wonderful time visiting, catching up and celebrating 80 years of a full and healthy life. Salut!

1. The birthday boy, Bumpa. And no, those are not his real lips.
2. The cousins – me, Jason and my brother.
3. Beardy and me.
4. Renee, always shy from the camera. Photo by Althea, age 5.
5. Portland Head, and yes it was extremely cold out there.
6. My Aunt Diane and me with our wax lips. Do other families have odd props that turn up in pictures too?
7. Althea watching the trout at L.L. Bean.
8. My 9 week old cousin Gabriel, so cute. I wonder if we all smile when we sleep.

Mom, Althea and Granny waiting on breakfast before our family photo shoot.
Althea wasn’t sure what to think of me at first – but by the end of the weekend I had won her over.

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