For those of you who follow my escapades on Facebook you already know that I was much delayed on my way back home from a recent business trip. In all it was about 27 hours, but what’s a day lost if you can turn it into an adventure (compliments of Delta airlines), right! I offer you a pictorial of Memphis:

After running out of rooms, Delta upgraded the remaining passengers to this lovely hotel (I even had a balcony) which made the Extended Stay America in Durham look like a dump, oh wait, it was.
The trolleys run in downtown Memphis – the only sad part is that they all seemed to be going in the opposite direction that I wanted to go in so I never got to ride one. But if you’re ever there it’s only $1 to ride.
Famous landmark of Memphis. I walked around downtown with a pharmacology professor from KU who was also stuck and trying to get back to KC.
The ducks inside at the Peabody Hotel.I would stay here if I ever came back –
 Even though it was 3pm, there was live blues all around. I can’t really zoom in on this photo but the bass player’s belly was hanging between his knees.
As we finally left Memphis we were greeted with what I can only assume was an all-plane mister. I thought the plane was on fire when I got on but it went on the whole flight and people seemed to act like it was normal. I found it distracting to read while sitting in a simulated bayou. Has anyone else ever experienced an all-plane fog machine?

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