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My first travel blog, analog-style, circa 1993.

I got a letter this week in the mail from a friend’s 7 year old daughter. She was asking for financial support to go to China with her mom on a missions trip. Reading it transported me back to July 1993 when my Aunt Linda and Uncle Gary flew me to Thailand to visit them. I was getting ready to turn 14 and the plane ticket was my birthday present. They were living there for work and I flew by myself to visit them for three weeks.

To this day I can honestly say this was one of the most significant gifts I have ever received. No other single experience has had as much impact on my life, career and passions than this trip. It’s been almost 17 years, but I remember so many things about the wonders of traveling abroad for the first time. Seeing how people on the other side of the world lived and how we’re not really different from each other. I have thought about saying it often so I will just do it here because I know my uncle is following: thank you L & G for one of the greatest gifts ever, it still means so much to me. I am going to pay it forward and help another little person discover what a wonderful world we live in!

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