I hadn’t posted a drink recipe in a little while so I thought I would share my weekend discovery with you. On a recent trip to Nashville (you can check that out here, here and here) I was introduced to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, so smooth and sweet! I returned to Kansas City and couldn’t find it anywhere. On a Friday night trip to Gomer’s, to find a ginger liquor I’ve been looking for, we found some. (We also found the ginger liquor but I couldn’t bring myself to making such a large and lush-like purchase, gotta space those investments out, right?) I had picked up some ginger beer earlier this past week (two cans for $1 at Hyvee!) and was hoping to a fun way to mix it up.

I searched online for recipes and found the following on the Facebook fan page for Tennessee Honey. It was delicious and brought me back to Nashville instantly. Check it out:

Jack & Swarmy
1/4 part lime juice or lime wedge squeezed (I improvised with lemon juice to avoid another trip to the store)
1.5 parts Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
4 parts ginger beer
Stir (as to not upset the ginger beer carbonation balance too much) and pour over ice.
Hope you have a fabulous week and if not, maybe temper it with a Jack & Swarmy! Cheers!

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