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After work and a dance class led by my co-workers, I headed to Montecito [now closed] for dinner with three of my colleagues. I started with this cocktail – May Flowers – a concoction of gin, yellow chartreuse, Bigallete Verbena, lime and cucumber. So refreshing!

We shared a giant kale salad, some delicious bread, and I had this beautiful albacore tuna crudo with smoked tomato jam, egg yolk, and grilled gem lettuce. 

On Thursday, I went for a long walk to dinner with one of my work friends and we made it to the Harbor. I will never get enough ocean or tall ships in my life, so this was a win for me!

There’s a really nice paved path all along the water in Downtown Toronto that’s lined with little pocket parks. Not sure what these flowers are, but they’re pretty!

The CN Tower in the background of a cool metal sculpture.

After the whole Foundation crew had a celebratory meal together, I headed to WVRST for some beers with four of my teammates. Lindsey and Mehan (pictured) are two of my favs! The giant selection of ciders, sours, and funky ales could have kept me there for days had it not been for needing sleep to survive the last day of meetings.

The last highlight of my trip, was my friend Vanessa (who lives in Boston) reaching out via Instagram to see if I might just happen to be in Chicago O’Hare. Not only had I just landed, but we were ten gates apart in the same terminal – what are the odds? We hadn’t seen each other in a year and packed a rapid pace conversation into the hour we had over prosecco. It was the best!

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