Since I am leaving my current job, and my related work trips, I am in the position of trying to continue my travel while not spending too much of the family’s money – since I am not going to be contributing financially as of now. In an effort to continue the streak (need to book something for September soon, month 37), I decided to research how much free stuff I have accumulated.

Although I have been using for a while, it doesn’t let me track everything and convert how many free tickets or hotel stays I actually have, so I needed to do it manually. Award programs make it particularly difficult to locate their award charts, or maybe I am just inventing a one-woman conspiracy. (I have linked to each award chart to make it easier if you want to try this inventory project.) I guess this is really more for me than for you, but here it is anyways:

  • Delta – I have one domestic airline ticket and I’m almost up to a Central America or Caribbean ticket. Oh yeah, and $800 in vouchers from a recent bump!
  • Frontier – I’m far from a free ticket, since I really only fly this airline when I am wanting to go non-stop to Ft. Lauderdale or D.C., but I do have lots of potential free magazine subscriptions. Just ordered Inc. and Fast Company today as a matter of fact.
  • U.S. Airways –  I am this close to a free domestic ticket. I may look into some online shopping through one of their partners to finish this off.
  • United – I have enough for a domestic ticket and I’m close to a ticket to Mexico.
  • Southwest – I just used my free ticket for my trip to Pasadena today.
  • Hilton – I think I have one night’s stay at a level 1 or level 2 (the lowest tiers) hotel or partner hotel, the options are very confusing
  • Marriott – up to three nights at the lowest tier or one night at one of the middle tier properties
  • – I have a $66 credit towards my next night booked – you earn a free night for every 10 nights you book and get the average cost as a credit. As you can tell, I stay in very fancy hotels.

Other things:  Brian and I also have one or two nights (depending on where we stay) in Missouri Bed & Breakfast gift certificates from his parents. I am also considering opening a Capitol One Venture card for all its travel perks – mostly helping me round out all my “almost” tickets.

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