People in my life often ask if traveling gets old for me or if I am tired/worn out in general. Depending on the day, I might be a little tired but I love having the opportunity to go places – doing the work I love and discovering new things. I’ve been reading a book called Be Excellent at Anything for the past week and although it’s not groundbreaking information, like getting enough sleep is the best way to increase your potential and productivity, it is full of good reminders and a bunch of scary health-related statistics.

In particular, the chapters I read yesterday were about proper exercise and nutrition – especially when you’re on the road (hence my choice of an apple with my coffee in yesterday’s post, instead of my normal slice of pumpkin bread). I really try to be healthy with my food, especially when I am away from my routine at home, but sometimes, between flights and driving places, I feel good if I make the time to stop and eat at all. The solution for me is to bring healthy snacks along just in case there isn’t time to get something good, but sometimes I forget that too. I know I’ll feel better throughout the day when I’ve checked off my food pyramid.

As I was thinking about the book in the airport today, I read a blog post from the travel guy, Scott, on the Wall Street Journal website about the health effects on extreme travelers. They define extreme as 21 days or more on the road a month. I am no way near that – I can’t even imagine. Given the way I fluctuate between good and bad eating and health habits on the road, I am pretty sure that “extreme” traveling might leave me dead. Glad to be alive! Thanks for checking in.

P.S. The next blog post will be my 200th – tune in for a special announcement!!

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